проникати; в'їжджати; входити (в т. ч. у тіло; про кулю); вступати (в угоду), укладати (угоду тощо); долучати (до матеріалів судочинства); долучати до справи (про документи); захоплювати нерухомість із наміром вступити у володіння нею; записувати; заносити до документа (протоколу, списку); реєструвати (в т. ч. авторське право, патент тощо); подавати (документи тощо); починати (процес); приєднуватися (до угоди, союзу тощо)

enter a judgement in favour of smb. — = enter a judgment in favour of smb., enter a judgment in favor of smb., enter a judgement in favor of smb. виносити рішення на користь когось

enter a judgment in favour of smb. — = enter a judgement in favour of smb.

enter a judgment in favor of smb. — = enter a judgement in favour of smb.

enter a judgement in favor of smb. — = enter a judgement in favour of smb.

enter a territory of the country — в'їжджати на територію країни

enter an appearance to the writ — прилучити запис про явку до судового наказу

enter in the cadastral register — заносити до кадастру

enter in the commercial register — заносити до комерційного реєстру

enter into diplomatic relations — вступати у дипломатичні відносини

enter into full diplomatic relations — встановлювати повні дипломатичні відносини

enter on the execution of office — = enter on the execution of one's office приступати до виконання (своїх) обов'язків

enter on the execution of one's office — = enter on the execution of office

- enter a caveat
- enter a conspiracy
- enter a country
- enter a guilty plea
- enter a judgement
- enter a judgment
- enter a motion
- enter a negotiated settlement
- enter a question
- enter a protest
- enter a request
- enter a solicitation
- enter a witness box
- enter a writ
- enter an action
- enter an affidavit
- enter an appeal
- enter an appearance
- enter an event
- enter an order
- enter as a dependent
- enter as a refugee
- enter as an immigrant
- enter at Stationer's Hall
- enter illegally
- enter in a list
- enter in the docket
- enter in the minutes
- enter in the records
- enter in the register
- enter in the voters list
- enter in the voters roll
- enter into a bloc
- enter into a bond
- enter into a compact
- enter into a contract
- enter into a dangerous course
- enter into a discussion
- enter into a duty
- enter into a liability
- enter into a marriage
- enter into a new undertaking
- enter into a pact
- enter into a social contract
- enter into a treaty
- enter into an agreement
- enter into an alliance
- enter into an engagement
- enter into an investigation
- enter into commitment
- enter into force
- enter into legal relations
- enter into negotiations
- enter into operation
- enter into possession
- enter into recognizances
- enter into relations
- enter into the marriage freely
- enter judgement
- enter judgment
- enter legally
- enter name
- enter smb.'s name
- enter on the income-tax return
- enter on the journal
- enter on the records
- enter on the reference
- enter one's own recognizance
- enter opposition
- enter plea
- enter protest
- enter satisfaction
- enter the army
- enter the federal court system
- enter the House
- enter the judiciary
- enter the law
- enter the matrimonial state
- enter the war
- enter upon
- enter upon one's duties
- enter upon the record
- enter without restriction

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.


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